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Our Quality Infrastructure

AB Polypacks Pvt. Ltd. is a premium quality manufacturer of packaging materials. We have a world-class infrastructure for manufacturing packaging materials based on aluminum foil for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our aim is to maintain the best standard for our product quality. We use most modern machines manufactured by leading companies that are well-reputed for their machinery. We have very experienced and trained technicians highly dedicated to their work to ensure that all our manufactured products are functionally superior and cost-effective in nature. We have also a team of professionals for our quality control and R&D department.

High-tech Technical Lab comprises of all most recent age testing types of gear.

It is intended for the smooth progression of raw materials for a generation.

To screen the whole plant activity, close circuit TV cameras are introduced for the steady watch.

Double Door framework with fast air window ornaments captures dust particles and creepy crawlies to enter underway regions.


Blown films, also commonly known as tubular films, are created by extruding plastic through a tubular-shaped die and then stretched and blown with air to create a very thin-walled film.

Proudly presents the Blown Poly Film Unit. We have three-layer Blown Film Machines operating efficiently and supporting the Converting Unit. We are one of the best quality LDPE collation film producers in Eastern India. We take customized orders as per our esteemed clients’ requirements & specifications.


Today’s market demand for shrink sleeves is growing rapidly and to support the rising demand we have installed machines made by Sanketpackseal Machines Pvt. Ltd. The market of shrink sleeves is quite wide-ranged due to excellent aesthetic appeal and functional versatility.

Seamless full-body shrink sleeves take to the shape of the package on the application of heat, which provides 360-degree product decoration and also ensures unmatched durability and tamper-proof evidence. Thus it gives products maximum aesthetic impact and marketing exposure.


Solvent less Lamination benefits products as well as the environment. Flexible packaging often requires the use of laminates of two or more films bonded together to achieve desired properties such as moisture and oxygen barrier protection, heat seal ability, and printability.

We have installed both Solvent-free and solvent-based Lamination Machines to serve the industry. We have the ability to support lamination of two or more layers including foil. We easily meet the requirement of high Bond and seal strength. Solvent-free lamination ensures that the laminate is safe for packing food-grade commodities.


The industry is in need of several forms of pouches and we are ready to serve the same with our modern pouching machines. Pouching machines owned by us is made of Galaxy Packtech Pvt. Ltd. the pouch forms supplied by A.B Polypacks  Pvt.Ltd ranges from zipper pouches, stand up pouches, pillow pouches, dangler pouches, retort pouches, spout pouches, handle pouches, foil pouches, gusseted pouches, and custom shaped pouches.


Printing unit of the Company is one of the most important unit which supports the entire production. Presently, we have hi-speed printing machines with contemporary accessories and features. Our Printing unit is equipped with 9 & 8 color Rotogravure Printing Machines made by famous Pelican Rotoflex Pvt. Ltd. All the machinery is automatic and programmed to serve our clients’ needs effectively. We ensure consistent and high-quality multi-colored printing. We use machines that support reverse printing along with front side printing in the same run. This accelerates our production and increases productivity. Our expertise in printing substrates of short width is well appreciated in the industry.

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